Aging and adulthoods

share cutting edge research on maximizing and protecting your brain and wellbeing as you age.

you will compose a 3-4 paragraph essay with note’s below:

Neuroscientists have a tough job teasing out typical, everyday aging from abnormal brain pathology. Just because you might show symptoms doesn’t mean a pathology exists.

  • Mild cognitive impairment is the term clinicians use to designate the beginning of brain pathologies. MCI doesn’T mean seniors are necessarily on the path to dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s disease. Many seniors live long, happy lives with MCI.
  • Dementia is a catchall term for a cluster of symptoms related to a loss of mental function.

One in ten Americans over sixty- five lives with Alzheimer’s. It is the most expensive disease to treat in the world. The average amount of time people live with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis before they die is four to eight years.

Processing speed, the speed at which your brain takes in, processes, and reacts to outside stimuli, drops in the aging process. It is the greatest predictor of cognitive decline.

Switching tasks becomes more difficult as you age.Consequently, it is easier to become distracted as you grow older.

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