AML1000S2 American Literature

Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Draft the structure of your review by answering the critical questions associated with your selected analysis tools. For this outline, just answer the questions and leave breadcrumb trails or hints for fleshing out your review. This step, when done well, will enable you to access the ingredients for your final review and complete it with ease.

Begin with the question:

Did you like the short story, book, article, etc? This is your introduction, so make it pop.

Answers to these questions will build your thesis:

  • Why or why not?
  • What thoughts run through your mind as you read the work?
  • What emotions does your selected work evoke for you?

Select 3 of the 6 questions below and answer them to flesh out your review.

Question Choices 1- 3 Question Choices 4 – 6
  1. Which character(s) did you like/dislike the most? Why?
    • Were there any characters or personalities you liked at one point and disliked at others?
    • What behaviors made an impression on you?
    • What reactions from others impressed you or seem likely in your opinion?
  1. Discuss the “Hook” of the work.
    • What made you want to keep reading the work?
    • What kept you interested as you engaged with the story?
    • If you did not feel engaged, why?
    • What could the author have done differently to make it more meaningful for you?
  1. Choose one sentence or paragraph from the work that you particularly liked and discuss only that part.
    • What about the sentence or paragraph was so great?
    • Does the author play with language in this sentence? How?
    • How does it relate to the more prominent themes of the story/article?
  1. Analyze a character’s/ audience’s wants, needs, and obstacles.
    • What is it that they want?
    • Is this different than what they need to become a happy, fulfilled person?
    • What are the obstacles that stand in their way of what they want?
    • How do they try to overcome those obstacles?
  1. Analyze a significant object.
    • Why did it seem so important?
    • What was it about the object’s description, or the way characters interacted with the object made it seem so important?
    • How do you relate to this?
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