Linux Proficiency

Learning Goal: I’m working on a linux case study and need guidance to help me learn.

1. Update a file to set the execution permission for the owner’s group.

2. In the attached ZIP file, you will find some sample logs in a file named “sample.log”. Each log

starts with a log level—also called “SeverityText”—that comes after the timestamp. The log

levels are ERROR, INFO, and WARNING. Here is a sample with the log level highlighted in green.

[2021-08-20T00:00:00,321][ERROR][logstash.inputs.azureblobstorage] caught: BlobNotFound

(404): The specified blob does not exist.


Time:2021-08-20T00:00:00.3001445Z for full_read

Parse out that field and output it to a local output file. You may use either NXLog or syslog-ng. You only

need to perform this task in a single log agent.

If you choose NXLog, the attached NXLog.conf will get you started. The log level needs to be output via

the variable in line 51. Right now, that variable has a dummy value output to it, but you can change that

as you please.

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