Management Question

For your final paper, you will review a focused HR practice or topic. As a starting point, consider your favorite HR course, then focus down into one aspect of that area. As an example, if your favorite course was Training and Development, you might consider “On the job training” as your topic of interest.

Minimum requirements for this paper are:

  • APA Formatting (margins at 1″, minimum font size 12)
  • Cover Page
  • 15 pages in length
  • 5 references from scholarly studies.

The paper should be at least 15 pages in length (excluding cover and citations) with at least five different references (one may be the text book). Please make sure the paper is free of grammar and spelling errors.

Your focus for this assignment is to identify a specific HR topic and focus your efforts on:

  • Illustrating your expertise in HR by identifying opportunities for improvement with the selected topic.
  • Apply concepts of HRM and explore a practical approach to the real world HRM issue.
  • Propose improvements or formulate a considered opinion on the HR topic of interest.
  • Analyze available literature to provide greater understanding of research topics related to the HR topic of interest.
  • You should have at least 3 paragraphs, 1 full section of your paper, dedicated to recommendations for improvement. Consider this assignment a paper you are delivering to the HR Manager at a company who has asked you for help on the topic.
  • Analyze the practices of HR in organizations using the concepts of the HR topic of interest.
  • Analyze the approach of HRM in organizations on the selected HR topic(s), including the strengths and weaknesses of the current approach in organizations, citing relevant research and theories.
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