Nursing Care: Adult (Case Study Assignment)


This assignment is a patient scenario case study: (Patient with cancer). It is a level 6 critique assignment that has 4 learning outcomes that must be well explained with pieces of evidence. It consists of:
– An evidence-based discussion of the epidemiology, or study of the incidence, distribution, patterns, and determinants of cancer ( with particular reference to colorectal cancer)and the impact and implications of this on Sarah and the wider society. This can include discussing the complication risks, impact to wider society like the cost to NHS e.g. hospital stays alcohol, and hereditary factors for cancer.
This evidence-based discussion will incorporate an examination of demographical factors related to the case study and how this has influenced health, illness, and wellbeing (LO1).
– Consideration of a specific example of a selected clinical investigation or assessment from the chosen case study. Here, I want to talk about the Breathing aspect of A-E assessment in the case study i.e. explanation of RR and o2 and their physiology. Talk about how this deterioration will be managed using a 15l non-rebreathe mask and monitor Saturation and a possible repeat of ABG (Arterial Blood Gases).
Talk about how the chemotherapy Sarah was on, caused neutropenia which caused chest infection that led to sepsis which brought about the low o2 and a h

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