Accounting Question

Help mefinish this accounting assignment part 1 , only finish part 1

 Part 1 – Individual Component: (7 marks)

Collection of fundamental information

Each team member will choose one Australian company with carbon emission information either in its annual report or in its sustainability report.

Teams can decide which company will be investigated by each team member. Please ensure that there is no duplication in the company choices among the members within the same team.

 2020 annual/integrated/sustainability report

Each of you should pick an Australian company from the list we provide, and then download its 2020 relevant report (fiscal year ended in 2020) to look up the information and complete the following requirements.

  • Give a general description of the company’s sustainability report. Things to include: (a) Has the company disclosed specific numbers about carbon emissions? If so, please tabulate the specific number (b) The number of pages/sentences/words in the sustainability report has used to discuss its carbon emissions? (c) What proportion of the pages of the report is factual quantitative information (including tables, diagrams and graphs)? (d) What proportion of the pages of report is pretty pictures? (e) What proportion of the pages is narrative text (writing)? Include any other information that you think may be useful in describing the sustainability report.

There is significant global attention on how business and capital markets are responding to the

climate crisis, including increasing regulatory and investor scrutiny. Although financial reporting

standards have not changed, investors and other stakeholders consider climate change to be a

material issue that may have financial consequences for most companies. This project is an

opportunity for students to examine the voluntary disclosure practices of Australian organizations.


  • Calculate the gross carbon emission on a per unit level, such as per $000 dollar sales (or costs of goods sold) or any other deflator (please keep consistency within your team – use the same deflator for all companies your team has selected). Please briefly justify your selection of the deflator.

 2019 annual/integrated /sustainability report

Search the company’s previous report (2019) or identify the most recent report before 2020 with the

carbon emission disclosure if there is no such report in 2019.

  • Please redo the requirements set for the 2020 report using the 2019 report (or earlier report if there is no report in 2019).
  • Compare the two years to see to what extent the carbon emission by the firm has been reduced.  Reflection on firms’ carbon emission disclosures
  • Briefly discuss how to assess the credibility of the disclosed carbon emissions and to what
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