Discussion board and reply to two peers

In relation to human factors, make recommendations for:

  • wireless connectivity with personal digital assistants (PDAs);
  • appropriate screen size for the monitor;
  • use of a mobile cart versus a bedside terminal/point of care; and
  • any other features you feel will be helpful to the medical staff.

Reply to peer one:

Soraya Jung

A personal digital assistant (PDA), a mobile device, is used as a prescribing and information tool. As a prescribing tool, it alleviates medical errors, legibility, use of symbols, and abbreviation. In addition, PDA supports providers in safe prescribing to primary care.

The monitor’s suitable screen size depends most of the time on how far a person is sitting from the screen and its resolution. Therefore, the screen size should be just enough that eyes won’t get strained. Although, a recommended screen resolution on a system using Epic is 1920×1080 with a 24″ widescreen flat panel screen and a medical-grade PC. (EHR and Patient Care Ready, 2019).

Mobile carts, also known as computers on wheels, are the primary mobile devices at hospitals. EHR transition requires real-time electronic access information access and entry at the patient’s bedside that must be updated to keep up with the evolving technology. They offer a way of transport with videoconferencing to the patient bedside and enable doctors to conduct many inaccessible evaluations. It is ideal for doctor-patient collaboration to improve treatment strategies. However, bedside terminals serve as a hub for medical staff, patients, and family. It offers communication, information in patients’ care and treatment plans.

An iPad or tablet is a wireless portable computer with a touchscreen. It can be carried from one room to another of patients and offers and gathers patient information. Therefore, it allows natural involvement between doctors, nurses, and the patient.


Congdon, K. (2013, April 10). Mobile Carts Must Evolve or Die. Healthitoutcomes.Com. https://www.healthitoutcomes.com/doc/mobile-carts-…

EHR and Patient Care Ready. (2019, May 14). Tangent.Com. https://tangent.com/blog/ehr-and-patient-care-read…

Reply to peer two:

Unit 10 Discussion

Charlisa Carson

Human factors related to wireless connectivity with personal digital assistants, for example in most facilities you will see the nurses carrying tablets to assess patient information and some have their laptops. I have even seen a physician were she accessed patients information through this hand held device as I am not sure what it was called but I know it could have been the size of a cellular device. According to (Beville, 2021), they examined the impact of four display sizes (19″, 24″, 27.5″, and dual 19″) on how the users preferred to arrange their workstation, with several interesting findings such as the displays go larger, they were preferred to be farther away, regardless of size, the top of the display was preferred to be at level with eye height, and the larger the display, the lower the angle of tilt. The human factor for use of mobile cart versus a bedside terminal/point of care is I think the bedside/point of care would be the best because you wouldn’t have to keep on pushing the cart from room to room and it’s quicker access. One other factor I would choose would be enhancing communication, some patients’ feel that their physicians doesn’t talk to them as they think they should. I have heard people say that their physicians just treats them and ask no other questions.


BEVILLE.com (2021). Impact of monitoring size on viewing distances.Retrieved from:https://www.beville.com/subpage.php?criteria=n_impact_of_monitor_size_on_viewing_distances&type=4

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