Divya CPT week 2

Overview: This week’s chapters focus on enterprise applications and aspects related to the integration of applications. It describes the basics and models of integration including presentation, functional, data, business process, and business-to-business integration.

Most of the enterprises have a host of existing enterprise applications and infrastructure technologies including integration technologies themselves. We looked at a spectrum of technologies that have been employed toward obtaining integration between enterprise applications. These include database access technologies, asynchronous and synchronous middleware, message-oriented middleware, request/reply messaging middleware, transaction processing monitors, object request brokers, application servers, Web Services, enterprise service buses, and enterprise systems. The inability of enforcing a uniform enterprise system/architecture/data model within the enterprise gave a fillip to the service-oriented architecture

Finally, this week’s readings describe the platforms for the realization of the Enterprise Application Integration, namely, CORBA, DCOM, J2EE, and .NET. Then we sketch the reference architecture and detail the understanding of this reference architecture in J2EE.

This week you need to elaborate your Business Case and an Enterprise Cloud Strategy. Develop an overarching cloud strategy which creates the foundation for your project adoptions.

To ensure a smooth transition to cloud computing, an organization should develop an overarching cloud strategy which creates the foundation for project-specific adoptions. Cloud computing presents interesting business model opportunities to organizations of all sizes. Developing a business case and strategy that clearly articulates how cloud computing will transform key business processes like procurement, marketing, customer acquisition and support, product development, etc. is critical. Within the context of an enterprise strategy for cloud computing, individual business problems that cloud computing can potentially address need to be identified, and specific business justification must show that cloud computing is the right strategic alternative. High level value propositions for cloud computing, including the shift of capital expenditures (CAPEX) to operational expenses (OPEX), cost savings, faster speed of deployment, elasticity, etc., are necessary but insufficient unless quantified. Obtaining executive support for the initiative is critical. Executives from IT, Lines of Business (LOBs), procurement and executive management must review and approve the business plan before proceeding. Getting key executives on-board early in the process will help alleviate potential issues down the line. When developing an enterprise strategy for cloud computing, the considerations highlighted in the following table should be taken into account.

Assignment Content

  1. Reflective summaries should be a maximum of one (1) page, typed and 1 1/2-spaced, with Arial font, 1 margins, and 12 point. (Memo format is mandatory = see template provided in Blackboard.). Full sentences required.
    1. NOTE: i have attached the MEMO in which you will have to answer the question & for the 3rd question i have attached my resume, use that resume for the 3rd question & for each question i need minimum of 4-5 lines
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