Responsible and business mindset

read the requirement and write a page of reflection essay and 2 slide ppt for that(1.5-2 min). PPT

Sustainability Balanced Scorecard (SBSC) for GAL:

-Develop one (1) waste reduction strategy that aligns with the principles of Circular Economy

-Devise two (2) ‘Goals’, two (2) ‘Measures/SMART targets’ and the

‘Rationale/Linkages’ for each of the five (5) SBSC perspectives

Critical Reflection that uses your Group’s own words to:

1)Explain three (3) linkages between two (2) different SBSC perspective measures/SMART targets and how they can effectively work together to reinforce the overarching SBSC waste reduction strategy.

***Hint: consider Topic 10 lectures and workshop.

2)Explain why linear thinking challenges Circular Economy principles and how GAL can overcome this to achieve its SBSC waste reduction strategy as part of its repositioning as a responsible business.

***Hint: consider Topic 1 lectures and the Circular Economy references provided.

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