Write a geomantic tale set in the present time

Using Korean geomantic tales as your inspiration, write a geomantic tale set in the present day. Your story must contain feng shui principles. You must include at least two outside sources in a bibliography section following your story. Because most knowledge of feng shui exists beyond academic sources, they do not have to be academic sources for this assignment.

To think about:

  • How does burial in an auspicious (or inauspicious) site affect the characters in the story?
  • Does the message involve Buddhist or Confucian ethics?
  • In many of the stories, the end goal was for descendants to become government ministers. What should the end goal be for a story set in the present day?
  • You will need to show an in-depth understanding of geomantic concepts
  • You will need to learn more about geomantic principles than we have covered in class. You can use the following resources to help you:
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