Amreeka scene analysis | English homework help

PROMPT: Analyze from Amreeka the scene you found most powerful. (3 pages minimum, double-spaced, MLA format)





Some powerful scenes you may wish to consider include:


·         The checkpoint scenes that begin approximately at 3:30 and 10:30 in the film

·         The scene where Muna and Fadi go through U.S. Customs (17:40-19:49)

·         Fadi’s first day at school (and his younger cousin before that helping him choose what to wear) (29:12-34:05); there is another powerful scene in the classroom beginning at 41:50

·         Two scenes: Muna and Raghda talking about being homesick; Muna and Raghda at the Arabic grocery store on life back in Palestine (35:00–39)

·         The scenes at White Castle are rich for the way we see Muna adjusting to her new life, and for the relationships she starts to form beyond her family with high school dropout Matt and Fadi’s high school principal, a Polish-American Jew.


·         The ending of the film begins with Muna running the drive-through at White Castle. That scene and the scene that follows in the van as she and her extended family and their guest, the principal, go to an Arab restaurant would reward careful analysis, as would the last scene of their meal in the restaurant.

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