Humanities Question

  1. For the mini paper you will be creating a “Dear Abby” letter written from an adolescent. This letter will be related to a situation that an adolescent can experience due to social media. For examples of “Dear Abby” letters go to (Links to an external site.). (A “Dear Abby letter” is a letter written anonymously to a professional, “Abby”, asking for advice on how to a handle a situation.)

    Your letter from the adolescent will be based on information from the CNN show, “Being 13: Inside The secret world of Teens” You will then write an appropriate and justified response to the letter from “Abby”, giving professional advice to the adolescent on how to handle their problem.

    Your response to the letter must be between 1-2 pages in length. You must relate and justify your advice to the teen with information from BOTH the CNN show and the readings in the text.

    While the paper will be written as “casual letters” you still must cite all work used. You can do this with marks within the letter as well as the citation at the end of the letter.

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