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The writing itself





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Thanks to the good title you have made

the visitor to read your article. Will he

be satisfied after reading it? If so,

he will want more articles to read.

This is the basic idea of blog marketing and blogging


The content itself

The point of any article is to share information. Each of your

article should have its own purpose, or its own meaning – what it will

will be useful to readers. Your next task is to come up with

how to phrase it.

Avoid unnecessary words and sentences. Concentrate

the reader’s attention on the content and meaning of a

of the article, rather than distracting and boring them with digressions.

Studies have shown that words like “so,” “just like,” “right,”

are meaningless in the reader’s head.

Anyone can summarize information online. It’s easy. Anyone can

translate news, or other people’s articles, share other people’s

images in the hope that they’ll be liked. But that’s not the purpose of

blogging. Almost none of the popular bloggers summarize

information. On the contrary, it is proclaimed by its readers to be

expert in their niche because they write from their own experience and

expresses his own uniqueness.


Think about it: why should readers follow your blog,

if someone else is offering more?

What does a good article look like?

Readers look for what’s important first. Once a visitor likes

the headline, he scans the text. He looks for the important information. И

when he finds it more easily, he’s inclined to read

carefully every word of the author. So take out the most valuable

information in each of your articles. For this purpose, you can

use bold, italic, or underlined text, whatever ways

I often use.

But to separate the important information from the rest of the text,

you must first define it. These are usually the supporting points

of any article. So the phrase “separate the most valuable

information” from the paragraph above is in bold. Because it

defines in three words what the surrounding


In the following pages I have provided examples of well

formatted content. Feel free to explore them.

The most popular blog for freelancers Freelance Switch use

large and carefully considered headlines, short paragraphs and

distinctive subheadings to format their text.

Keep in mind that internet readers don’t like long texts.

Let the important information in your article

stand out. Use a larger font, different

color, lists and numbered lists to make it

make it much easier to read.

Don’t worry about putting big headlines and contrasting

colours. This will only appeal to readers because they will be able to digest the information you have provided more quickly.

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