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New Belgium Brewing (B) 1. NBB seemed to agonize over the use of the word “folly” in its advertising campaign. What do you make of the company’s struggle with this decision? Also, how do you personally feel about their use of the word? 2. New Belgium’s focus on sustainability, whimsy, and fun is clearly rooted in its Colorado-based culture and the ethos of its founders and employees. As New Belgium’s distribution continues to expand away from that locale, how can the company make its branding and messaging resonate with consumers in different parts of the country? 3. NBB’s management is interested in creating a new television ad to coincide with the opening of its new brewing facility in Asheville, NC. How would you approach this task?
Would the ad differ substantially from the original? If so, how? Case: NASCAR 4. Evaluate NASCAR’s branding strategy in relation to its overall marketing strategy. Could NASCAR have done anything differently to insulate itself against the economic downturn?
5. Should NASCAR become more involved in sustainability initiatives? If so, how might that be tied in with NASCAR’s branding strategies? 6. To increase fan interest and participation, NASCAR has decided to launch a regional racing series. The idea is to hold
races in regional areas to promote rivalries, increase fan attendance, and increase sponsor participation. NASCAR has asked you to conduct a branding analysis of the regional series. What should the series be called? Where will races be held? What companies
will be interested in sponsorship opportunities? How will the regional series fit in with larger NASCAR events? Answers should be 200 words for each question. Also need 2 scholarly references, no .com sites please.

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