Pediatric nursing: ethical dilemma | Nursing homework help

Should nurses who missed opportunities to identify abuse be held responsible for the death of a child?

For this assignment, you will examine an ethical dilemma that exists in pediatric settings. You will examine the ethical dilemma from two opposing positions and consider ethical principles, conflict.

1. Discuss possible outcomes of both positions. Present a plan for resolving the issue (for the patient, family, and the nurse). Support ideas with scholarly literature. between the principles, and the relationship of the ANA Code of Ethics in relation to both positions. 

2. A reflection of own values and morals as it relates to the ethical dilemma.

Use this link to take you directly to the ANA website to access the Code of Ethics. When prompted, choose “No I do not wish to register at this time. Take me to the Code now.” 

Use at least three (3) scholarly, nursing, peer-reviewed, primary sources from the last 5 years.

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