Impact of bar code scanning on healthcare and nursing


Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes between 5‐6 slides, excluding the title and reference slides. 

-Speaker Notes – Outline and “script” the presentation for online students. 

-Online students’ speaker notes should include the name of the student who researched and presented the slide information. 

– Scholarly writing and APA guidelines should be followed as applicable to PowerPoint slides.

– Cite sources in APA format in the applicable slides and include the APA formatted reference in your reference list slide(s) ‐ minimum 6 references.

– Spelling, grammar, and punctuation apply even in bullet points and speaker slides (e.g., quotation marks, italics, verb tense, etc.). 

– Copyright and plagiarism guidelines apply. 

  The topic is Impact of bar code scanning on Healthcare and Nursing –  100 points

a) Discuss impact on professional nursing practice related to: 

 – Patient safety

 – Quality of care measures/monitoring 

 – Risk management 

 – Privacy, confidentiality, and security of patient data 

 – Effect on population within the region 

 – Ethical practice 

 – Compliance with legal and regulatory mandates 

 – Organizational infrastructure and operations 

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