Project 2 milestone 3: dw reporting and visualization

 8) Write the SQL that will be needed to answer the three most important questions using your data warehouse. This requires writing 3 SQL statements. (10 points) 

 9) Create a visualization for your first management question. (Note: Figures P13.3.2G (page 615) and P13.3 (page 616) show single fact tables with multiple dimensions. 

 11) Create a visualization for your second management question. (Note: it must be different than the first and ideally use different fact or dimension tables). 

 12) Create a third visualization, it must be different than the first two and should use different fact or dimension tables 

 Assessment Your submission document will be checked for correctness and completeness. Connecting Assignments This milestone takes the populated database for the DW from milestone 2 and uses it to produce reports and visualizations that answer the questions from Milestone 1. It is the final step that demonstrates the value of implementing a DW. 

Onces we pick bid , we are going give milestones answers for M1 and M2 . So that it will easy to do M3.

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