– A wall 4 meters high and 6 meters deep is composed of 2 centimeters of rigid foam [k=0.026 W/(m.K)],


2cm of plaster [0.22 W/(m.K)], 18cm of bricks [k=0.72 W/(m.K)] and a last layer of 2cm of

plaster, which faces an outer part kept at – 4oC. The brick layer was built using 3cm of plaster to fix a brick on top of another, whose individual height is 30cm. The rigid foam is the

part facing the interior of an environment, which is kept at 22oC. Between the foam and the bricks there is a

2cm thick layer of plaster. After the brick layer there is the last layer, which is also 2 cm

plaster, exposed to the external environment. The indoor and outdoor environments have transfer coefficients

of heat by convection of 10 [W/(m2.K)] and 20 [W/(m2.K)], respectively. Assuming a transfer of

one-dimensional heat and ignoring the radiation, determine the rate of heat transfer through the wall.

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