Fundamentals of Business Discussion

Answer each question in full sentences (2 or 3 senteces)


  • What is unique about Alibaba’s online presence when compared to other e-commerce websites?
  • How and what can other businesses learn from Alibaba’s online presence?


  • Share your experience of your business or personal account being hacked.
  • What security features do you look for, in an e-commerce website when you are browsing for the first time? What security assurances do they need to see from the website (i.e. https, Norton or other security certificates, privacy policy etc…)

3. Zappos is known as the ‘gold standard’ in customer care. Research Zappos company profile, and explain their marketing strategy.

4.Why do you think Amazon does not embrace the auction-style revenue model?

5.Select a social media influencer of your choice (an athlete, musician, actor that you follow) The influencer is HUDABEAUTY

  • How do they engage their followers on the social media platform?
  • Do they recommend products to buy (tagging the product with a code for discount)?
  • How do you think the celebrity and company is making money through your purchase?
  • Define social network and online communities
  • Outline the different types of social networks
  • Examine the business models for each social network
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