Mo15 discussion | Architecture and Design homework help

Step 1: 

Watch the online lecture on Gender and Disability

“Disability and Gender,” Part 1 (16 minutes, 16 seconds)

تشغيل الأداة الخارجية

“Disability and Gender,” Part 2 (10 minutes, 18 seconds)

تشغيل الأداة الخارجية

Step 2: Inspirational History!

Watch this Drunk History episode about Judy Heumann, disability rights activist!

تشغيل الأداة الخارجية

Step 3:

Begin to learn about the #MeToo movement against sexual violence by listening to the Hidden Brain podcast episode “The Psychological Forces Behind a Cultural Reckoning: Understanding #MeToo.”

Guiding Questions for Disability History Content

  • What are some of the ways that experiences with disability are shaped by gender? How are men’s and women’s experiences with disabilities distinct?
  • What influence did the rise of industrial capitalism have on people with disabilities, women and men?
  • To what extent were women who violated norms around gender and sexuality stigmatized as disabled?
  • How have people with disabilities sought to advance their rights from the 1950s to the present?
  • Why must the #MeToo movement include the experiences of disabled people, according to the reading?

What did you find particularly exciting, interesting, or challenging about the assigned content this week? 

Remember to cite all of the required content, proving to me that you completed your work this week. Also, as usual, include in-text MLA citations, a works cited section, and a word count for your post and your replies.

Your initial discussion post should be at least 250 words, you should answer all questions, and your responses to the discussion should be thoughtful and not too brief — i.e. “me too” and “I agree” do not suffice as adequate responses. Your responses should be at minimum 50 words.

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