Please note that each and every assignment has its own word limit.


The capstone option that I have chosen is the grant proposal. I think it relates to my public health topic because I am trying to raise funds in order to make an impact in the community. Therefore, I felt that this was the best option when it came to choosing my capstone. Out of all of the options, this one seemed not only the most challenging for me, which is another reason why I chose it, but it seemed like the only option when it came to trying to find funding for something. I say that this is a challenging option because I have no experience in grant writing. I have learned a lot from writing a grant. I have also learned that you need to not only be patient because it’s going to take a lot of time, but you need to know the background information of what you’re trying to get across to everyone. For example, my problem statement has to do with minority groups but more specifically older adults in those minority groups that have hearing loss. What I did was look at the anatomy of the ears as well as how we lose our hearing in order to understand what this specific population is going through. My statement of need has to do with helping this minority group with access to hearing aids or an alternative to hearing aids. By writing this grant proposal, I am able to ask for the funding needed to purchase hearing aids or an alternative to hearing aids like pocket talkers.

There is a lot of data out there but not much on minority groups. This grant would be able to access healthcare for those groups and could help me in leading a research study on the group to add to the studies done across the U.S on the subject. This would be important because we need to collect and analyze data. Without collecting and analyzing data, we are unable to show whether there is any significant change in not only different variables but in different factors that could also be associated with these changes (Community Too Box, n.d.). I think statistical honesty is important because why lie about the statistics and lead someone else to incorrect findings? If my results are not what I expect them to be at the end of this project, then I go back and re-read my grant proposal to see what improvements need to be made. If the results are negative at the end of this, it will have an impact on my project. I say this because, without this grant proposal, I am unable to buy the hearing devices for the residence. Therefore, the residence will still have a hard time hearing, and nothing will be resolved for this population of older adults.




Community Tool Box. (n.d.). Section 5. collecting and analyzing data. Chapter 37. Operations in Evaluating Community Interventions | Section 5. Collecting and Analyzing Data | Main Section | Community Tool Box. Retrieved from https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/evaluate/evaluate-community-interventions/collect-analyze-data/main.

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least two references and a minimum of 200 words….. .(The List of References should not be older than 2016 and should not be included in the word count.) Include at least one scholarly reference and appropriate in-text citations and Address all points on the DQ. One point will be deducted for not addressing each item mentioned above. Remember that presenting someone else’s work as your own is plagiarism.





  • Ask a probing question.
  • Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting.
  • Offer and support an opinion.




  • Validate an idea with your own experience.
  • Make a suggestion.
  • Expand on your colleague’s posting.







Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

It is important that you cover all the topics identified in the assignment. Covering the topic does not mean mentioning the topic BUT presenting an explanation from the context of ethics and the readings for this class


To get maximum points you need to follow the requirements listed for this assignments 1) look at the word/page limits 2) review and follow APA rules 3) create subheadings to identify the key sections you are presenting and 4) Free from typographical and sentence construction errors.







American Psychological Association. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

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