Artificial Intelligence and Solving by Search

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1. Construct a map of air and land distances with direct routes between the cities listed below. You may use any internet resource to determine the distances, travel times, latitude, longitude, etc.

## These city in saudi arabia

Dammam and Riyadh
Riyadh and Makkah

Makkah and Jeddah
Jeddah and Madinah

Al Bahah and Abha

Abha and Najran
Hayil and Buraydah

Buraydah and Riyadh
Tabuk and Sakaka

Sakaka and Al Ar Ar

Sakaka and Hayil

Hayil and Madinah
Makkah and Jizan

Jeddah and Jizan
Jizan and Najran

Dammam and Al Ar Ar
Jizan and Abha

Hayil and Riyadh
Dammam and Hafoof

Hafoof and Riyadh
Jeddah and Yanbu

Madinah and Yanbu

2. You may use any internet resource to determine the distances, travel times, latitude, longitude values, etc.

3. The assignment is to find the most efficient solution for visiting all the cities starting from the city where you live and coming back home.

4. For each of the algorithms shown below calculate the time it took to compute the solution, the total distance traveled by land and by air, and the entire path you take.

  • Breadth-First Search
  • Depth-First Search
  • Dijkstra’s algorithm
  • A* algorithm

5. Create a summary of your results listing the algorithms ordered by the time they took to find the solution in ascending order.

6. You may use any programming language you like. You may not use a library function to use these algorithms and must program them.

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