Hazard Mitigation

Hazard mitigation is a very involved process with many steps. While it is beyond the scope of our class to develop a full blown hazard mitigation plan, you will have the opportunity to exercise some of the component parts by addressing the mitigation of a particular hazard. Here is the assignment: (Which will be due by Sunday, February 20th at midnight)

Choose one of the listed hazards below to report on. In other words, you will be constructing a mini hazard mitigation plan for one of these specific hazards.









Your task will be to select one of the hazards and tell, in an APA formatted paper (10 to 15 pages in length, not including title page, or reference pages), how you would work to mitigate this type of hazard in the future in your community. If there is another hazard not listed that you would like to address, send the instructor an email for approval. Remember, you are reporting on a hazard type not on a specific incident or occurrence. You can cite information from specific events but the focus is on mitigating the hazard type.

Categories to be addressed shall include:

a. Introduction – This should provide a synopsis of the issue at hand requiring mitigation action and who should be involved.

b. Problem description – A description of the hazard including the impact on property and the community (especially safety and health) should be given.

c. Community Considerations – Other community considerations that come into play such as recreation needs, environment and ecology, economic development, etc. should be discussed.

d. Goals and Objectives

e. Alternative methods that could be used to mitigate the hazard.

f. Recommended measures including a description, objectives, who will be responsible, a time schedule, what agencies should be involved and how much the project will cost (i.e. a budget).

g. Implementation process

h. Evaluation and revision process.

IMPORTANT: For further guidance on how a plan should be written, what it should include, etc. it is strongly recommended that you reference the document titled: Hazard Mitigation Planning Made Easy” located under the Module 1 assignments page.

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