WEEK 5: PART 2 – How much as changed?

Last week, we explored the Doctrines of Discovery and Catholic Christian approach to colonization. This week, we explore Protestant Christian approaches to colonization. Since we only get the introduction to Judaism as a religion, out deep dive into their role within colonization won’t play out until next Monday.

Your Packback discussions this week revisit last week’s question from the Protestant perspective. Even though the Doctrines of Discovery originated within the Catholic Church, they were in circulation for several decades before and during the Protestant Reformation. Of the issues that Protestantism criticized and changed from Catholic practice, the Doctrines of Discovery were not among them. How have Protestant uses of colonial Doctrines of Discovery changed or have some stayed the same?


For source type:You can build on last week’s post, depending on what your source was; or, you can branch out:

  • Find a new news article
  • Specific court cases
  • Mission-work promotional videos
  • pop-videos
  • advertising
  • comics
  • Etc…

For source topic: Try to focus on sources focusing on some aspect of Protestantism or Judaism in America today that relates to the Doctrines of Discovery, colonial attitudes, or another angle of religion and colonization. Maybe you came across something last week that fits for this week? If you do find a post about Judaism in America that you want to discuss, you are welcome to post it this week since next week since…well, spoiler alert: we’ll explore Jewish colonial complexities through comics next week.

TITLE your post with an open ended question about some angle related to colonial attitutes (or Doctrines of Discovery) you would like to explore through conversation.

WRITE in your question’s discussion section:

  • State what search terms were most useful for you.
  • Briefly describe the types of sources in your search results.
  • Identify the source you are discussing.
  • Outline the major issues involved in the events, topic, or conflict that this news article reports on.
  • Are there aspects of the Doctrine of Discovery at work here; or have the issues morphed enough to have different names?
  • What makes this issue complex?
  • Thinking back to your title question, what subtopics do you think would be involved in discussing and speaking to your question?
  • Add anything else that would contribute to a rich discussion.
  • After that write tow responses for two students
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