MKTG 4510 Homework

Homework – Univariate Analysis
 Dataset: Cosmetic Facebook Data
 Rows: 500 different Facebook posts made by a famous cosmetics brand
 Columns: characteristics of the post (e.g., type of post, day of week, month of
year, how many likes post got)
 Key variables:
 Likes (questions 1-3)
 Paid (questions 4-6)
One-sample t-test
1. The brand manager thinks posts receive an average of 150 likes. Write the null and
alternative hypotheses.
2. What is the t-statistic and the p-value? Show your work.
3. Should we reject the null hypothesis? Why or why not?
Chi-square goodness-of-fit test/
4. Are more than 50% of the Facebook posts paid? Write the null and alternative
5. What is the chi-square value and the p-value? Show your work.
6. Should we reject the null hypothesis? Why or why not?

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