discussion board question

Before you begin your discussion this week prepare by reading the information posted in reading assignments for Discussion

Board 7.

Articles https://khn.org/news/jails-and-prisons-spring-thousands-to-prevent-coronavirus-outbreaks/

articles: https://www.npr.org/2020/04/13/833440047/the-covid-19-struggle-in-chicagos-cook-county-jail

Step 1: Analyze the Ethical Dimensions of the Public Health Issue and Context

During the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals in the criminal justice system are at increased risk of contracting COVID-19. Following CDC guidelines, such as social distancing and hand washing is challenging in these confined spaces. The Sheriff’s department who is responsible for ensuring safety and welfare of the inmates at the local county jail has contacted your team at the local health department for guidance.

  • As jails are unable to adequately follow CDC guidelines, should offenders be eligible for early release? If yes, what types of offenders? Should any precautions be put in place? Such as self-quarantine or remote monitoring? Should inmates be required to pay bail?
  • Individuals in the local county jail have tested positive for COVID-19. Several prisoners have been granted parole. Should these individuals that may have been exposed to COVID-19 be released into the community, or should they be retained? Why or why not?
  • The healthcare costs (financial burden) of inmates at the local county jail is on the county government. How does this impact your decision to release individuals.

Step 2: Formulate Alternative Courses of Action and Evaluate their Ethical Dimensions

There are 3 choices suggested in this case study:

  • Shrink the jail population by releasing inmates early regardless of their ability to pay bail
  • Release inmates only if they can pay bail
  • Retain inmates in lockup because they may be infected and could spread COVID-19 to the community

What are the ethical implications of these options?


This is just my career plan stuff. I have attached a template and a student example as well.

lastly, answer these,

Follow the prompts below to complete your assignment. Write one paragraph for each prompt. (Minimum of five well-developed, complete sentences per prompt)

  • Triangle: What were your three main takeaways from the mentorship interview experiences? Why were these three ‘lessons learned’ impactful for you? These three takeaways can refer to the interview experiences and/or to the actual learning and interview organization process (i.e., planning, drafting professional email communications, follow-up, etc.). For example, you might use language such as: “I learned this,” or “I liked this,” or “I didn’t like this.”
  • Square: Identify four thoughts from the mentorship interview experience that square with your own beliefs, attitudes and core values. For example, you might use language such as: “I believe in the core values the mentor shared with me because…” or “I learned that the day-to-day responsibilities the second mentor has were not what I expected…” or “I found an aspect of the interview was interesting to me because….”
  • Circle: Now that you listed your three main takeaways and four thoughts that squared with your own beliefs, attitudes and core values, it is time to identify what questions are still circulating in your mind. For example, did your mentor interviewee suggest resources or organizations to either look into, research or learn more about? For example, you might use language such as: “It had never occurred to me that….” or “The question posed by (Name or initials of mentor interviewee) was interesting (or important) to me because….” or “Because of my mentorship interview experience, I am now asking myself…”
  • Arrow: What will you do as a result of the reflection and review you experienced through this mentorship interview activity? Moving forward, will you change your attitudes or beliefs? Will you take action, or change your direction as a result of this learning experience? How has it impacted you? If so, how? If not, why not?
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