English a-1 | Article writing homework help

Write half a page summary for each of the following attached articles. 

Make sure to include all the information listed below in the summary. 

1)The purpose / background of the research (Must have a couple sentences regarding background and specific purpose of the research)

2) The procedures /methods of the research (regarding who was in the study (numbers of subjects/participants not necessary), differences between groups if applicable, equipment used and overall procedures.)

3) The results / finding of the research (What were the differences between the groups? the findings of the study, comparison of groups if applicable (do not include statistics).)

Summary should not be copied from the article. You have to read and then paraphrase in your own words. You will need to use the technical words in the article, but just don’t repeat exactly what the author said. 

DO NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: do not use ‘I”, do not use titles such as Dr., do not use personal pronouns such as he or she (just refer to the “researchers”),do not include the title of the paper in your summary, ONLY USE PAST TENSE, DO NOT direct quote, do not include yourself as the researcher, do not add to the research summary with your own personal stories (your job is to simply describe the research).

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