informative speech

For this discussion – we are going to do things a little differently. I would like to see a well written introduction(all four parts must be included), along with three complete sentences that express the main points of the speech. I also would like to see your three sources listed. Remember one source MUST be an interview, a newspaper, a book, a periodical or a report.

Example(taken from Verderber, R. F., Sellnow, D. D., & Verderber, K. S. (2018). Informative speaking. In The challenge of effective speaking in a digital age (17th ed., pp. 229-31). Cengage Learning.):


  1. Imagine this: you are filing your income tax return after starting your first real job after college. After completing the tedious online forms, you hit the “calculate” button.
    1. You are ecstatic when the online filing system says you are due a return of a whopping $2,800!
    2. Then imagine hitting “file” to submit your tax return and you get an error message “Your tax return has already been processed.” Someone has stolen your identity and pocketed your return.
  2. If you think this cannot happen to you, think again! According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (White, 2015), the IRS reported over $30 billion tax-related identity theft activity in 2013 and that doesn’t even account for the undetected cases.
  3. Through my research, I discovered that one out of every four Americans have been victims of identity theft (Reinhart, 2018).
    1. Identity theft can happen when someone simply digs through your trash for bank statements so most of us now shred such items before discarding them.
    2. Recently, however, Internet theft is becoming far more prevalent (US Department of Justice, n.d.).
    3. An identity theft who access your information online can apply for jobs, loans, and credit cards, can receive medical care or prescription drugs and can make large purchases all under your name (FTC, 2012).
  4. Today let’s discuss several simple steps we can all take to prevent Internet identity theft. These three steps are designed to help prevent phishing, hacking, and pharming.


  1. The first step in preventing online identity theft is to protect yourself from phishing.
  2. The second step we can take to prevent ourselves from identity theft is to prevent hacking.
  3. The third step in protecting ourselves from identity theft is to prevent pharming.


Federal Trade Commission. (2019, September 4). Identity theft. Consumer

Information. (Links to an external site.)

Reinhart, R. J. (2018, December 11). One in four Americans have experienced cybercrime. (Links to an external site.)

Wright, J. R. (2015). Identity theft and tax fraud: Enhanced authentication could combat refund fraud, but IRS lacks an

estimate of costs, benefits and risks (GAO-15-119). United States Government Accountability

Office. (Links to an external site.)

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