Please do a nice Powerpoint you can choose what ever you want if I would do it I would do Wedding planner company but it is still up tp you if you think that would be hard choose something which is easier for you.

  1. In this assignment, we are going to pretend that you are starting a company of your own. What product or service will you be selling?
  2. Who will be the target customer group for this product/service? What are their characteristics?
  3. What will be your marketing message to reach these customers? Why do you think this message may resonate with them?
  4. What are 3 specific ways that you are going to reach/sell to your customers based on the customers’ characteristics? Please be very specific with details about how you would do it. Research online and figure out how much it would likely cost for each of these methods that you mentioned and how many customers you will likely be able to acquire with each method.

please do not forget the refrencepage last in the powerpoint thank you

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