Jack invests $1500 at a certain annual interest rate, and he invests

Jack invests $1500 at a certain annual interest rate, and he invests another $2000 at an annual rate that is one-half percent higher. If he receives a total of $290 interest in 1 year, at what rate is the $1500 invested?
Craig is saving to buy a vacation home. He inherits some money from a wealthy uncle, then combines this with the $29,000 he has already saved and doubles the total in a lucky investment. He ends up with $128,000just enough to buy a cabin on the lake. How much did he inherit?

A square plot of land has a building 70 ft long and 40 ft wide at one corner. The rest of the land outside the building forms a parking lot. If the parking lot has area 11,600 ft2, what are the dimensions of the entire plot of land? (Length and width)

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