Lee senior and lee junior are natural father and son


Lee Senior and Lee Junior are natural father and son. Lee Junior was born in 1990.




(1) Lee Senior and Lee Junior are natural father and son. Lee Junior was born in 1990. 

(2) In 2010, Lee Senior bought a property at Whampoa Garden, Hunghom (“the Property”) with his own money and had the Property registered in his own name. 

(3) The Property has since then been used as the family home with both Lee Senior and Lee Junior residing there.

(4) In 2015, Lee Senior was worried that his sole proprietor business might collapse. He therefore took an entitative and transferred the Property to Lee Junior by way of gift. 

(5) At the time of assignment, Lee Junior was studying his PhD in a university. 

(6) Further, Lee Senior did not tell Lee Junior why the Property was assigned to him and Lee Junior did not ask. https://bestofassignment.com/business-and-management-leadership/read-ahmed-sections-15-1-15-13read-bartlett-chapter-12read-merida-pp/

(7) In 2019, Lee Senior and Lee Junior fell out with each other. Lee Senior demanded Lee Junior to transfer the Property back to him but Lee Junior refused. 

(8) Lee Senior also wished to evict Lee Junior out of the Property. 

(9) Lee Senior plans to institute an action in High Court of HKSAR to get back the Property as well as to evict Lee Junior. https://homeworkhelpersblog.com/write-a-350-to-700-word-paper-on-the-connection-between-crime-and-mental-health/

(10) Advise Lee Senior the merits and demerits in respect of his intended action. (50% ma

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