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one paper  high school level


you need to do it as these instruction below into three paragraphs.

   1-paragraph Summarize  what you believe to be the main point of the reading (it will be helpful for you to think about why I’ve assigned the reading as you try to focus on the author’s primary purpose).

2- paragraph    Explain key terms/concepts about writing emphasized or employed in the reading; I will post these terms in a separate document the week before we discuss the assigned reading.

3- paragraph   Reflect on and respond to the main ideas of the reading. This should be the most substantial part of your response, in which I want you to reflect thoughtfully on what the reading is saying about writing, how that relates to your own experiences, and what you think or feel about those ideas. With the key terms, I will include guiding questions to help you respond, but you should feel free to follow the train of your own thoughts

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