Vocational and transition strategies module 2 assignments


EDPT 516: Vocational and Transition StrategiesModule 2 AssignmentsWeek 2   

 Technology Assignment #1

 Research the parish where you are employed or reside to identify the names and contact information for three businesses or agencies that hire postsecondary students with disabilities; three housing sources for individuals with disabilities; three agencies that provide services for individuals with disabilities.

 Article Critique 1:(Topic: Transition Planning)

  Article Critique Format (See Canvas for specific guidelines for the article critique format)The article must be a research article from a refereed journal. Summarize the article and include salient points about the participants involved, problem/issue, treatment, methodology used, and outcome(s). Provide a reaction to the article that includes your personal opinion and/or related experiences regarding the content of the article. Use the APA format to cite the source of the article. Cite the source on a separate page and provide a cover sheet for the critique.

 Research Entry # 3:

 1.   Provide a definition for secondary programs.

2.   Describe how IDEA 2004 changed the transition mandate in terms of a) post-secondary transition goals, b) accountability for student’s post-school outcomes, and c) the timeline for starting transition planning.

3.   Define task analysis and chaining?  (research internet)

4.   What does assistive technology include? (research internet)

5.   Develop a post school goal for a student with a disability. Describe what the student would need to do one year prior to graduation to aid a smooth transition. Continue backward planning for two and three years prior to graduation.

Technology Assignment #2 : Examine the GSU website(www,gram.edu) to identify admissions requirements and support services that are available to students with mild learning disabilities. Discuss the Career Readiness skills that are required for successful matriculation at a 2 or 4 year college/university located in the state of Louisiana.

Week 3:  

Student Interview  

The course instructor will provide the interview form. The candidate will select a student to interview.  Write a one page reflection to summarize the findings of the interview.

Field-Based Virtual or Onsite Activity :

 Observe an inclusion class at a secondary school. Observe a class at a traditional secondary school. (Write a 2 page reflection to compare and contrast curricula, environment, instructional styles, technology integration, and assessments used to determine mastery) 

 Research Entry #4 

 Provide a detailed explanation for the following: Use the internet and supplementary textbooks for this assignment.

Part I Entry #4

1.    Instructional/Behavioral Objectives

2.   Bloom”s Taxonomy

3.   Standards-based Learning

4.   Universal Design for Learning                             

 5.   Interdisciplinary Curriculum

6.   Integrated Curriculum

7.   Fading

8.   Hidden Curriculum

9.   Community-based Training

10. Instructional Strategies

11. Chaining

12. Task Analysis

13. Cooperative Learning

Part II Entry #4 

1.   Discuss the meaning of the term curriculum.

2.   Explain how the Louisiana State Standards have impacted the curriculum that is implemented in the parish school district where you are employed or reside.

3.   Discuss factors that influence the curriculum.

Task Analysis: Candidates will work on the Task Analysis and Chaining Presentation.

Chapter 8: Collaborative Transition Services

 Overview of Transition Services

Instruction (Academic and Career Skill Development and Classroom Based Career Development)

Community Experiences

Development of Employment and Adult Living Objectives

Monitoring Career Information on Students

Monitoring Community and Job Placement Information

Related Services and Assistive Technology

Access and Accommodations 

Transition Terms

 Research Entry #5 

1.   Discuss the components of an IEP/TP.

2.   What should be written first on an IEP: academic or transition goals and objectives?

3.   What steps are involved in planning and conducting a professionally driven IEP transition planning meeting?

4.   Explain how person centered planning can support the balancing of the general education and ecological curricula within the IEP/transition plan.

5.   Identify and discuss the recommended components of a Summary of Performances.

6.   Explain the meaning of “best practices” as related to transition.

Article Critique # 2 Topic: Best Practices for Transition Planning( Follow the same format provided for the first article critique).

Research Entry #6 : Use the internet and supplementary textbooks as resources for responding to these items

1.   Discuss the meaning of self-determination.

2.   Identify and explain four characteristics of self-determined behavior.

3.   Research and discuss instructional strategies for increasing self-determination.

4.   Discuss the student’s role in the IEP/Transition process.

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