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  This is for discussion. No pages or word count necessay.  Just answer the questions using in text citations and the necessary references. The use of some the references is necessary.

Learning Activity #1

This week’s Text and additional reading material explore Advertising.  As consumers we can define our attitudes and acceptance or rejection of advertising based upon our perceptions and experience.  But as students of Business Management, we are called upon to examine the topic more in depth and from a corporate perspective.  After reading the Chapter 12 Text, and many of the additional material provided, please address the following questions from the perspective of a business owner or chief marketing officer. 

1. Describe each of the five conceptions of a consumer providing a solid definition from our course reading, and at least one good example of a product and its typical consumer for each.

2. What ethical principles would you apply to the marketing of your company’s brand(s).  Include an alignment of the principles selected in relation to caveat emptor.

3. What specifically would you prescribe for your company’s social media and data privacy policies related to the advertising of your company’s product(s).

Chapter 12: The Selling Office: Advertising and Consumer Protection (pages 529-566)

Offensive/Exploitive/Insensitive/Violent—short of illegal


· The Most Offensive Urban Outfitters Products to Ever Exist

· Sorry About That: Wells Fargo to End Ads Suggesting Science Over Arts

· Update: Hyundai Apologizes For Car Ad Depicting Attempted Suicide

· Ikea apologises over removal of women from Saudi Arabia catalogue

False Claims to Making One Healthier, Richer, Younger–illegal

· 14 False Advertising Scandals That Cost Brands Millions

· Controversial Lollipop Ad Goes Up in Times Square

· FTC to Crack Down on Deceptive Weight-Loss Ads

· The fall of “anti-aging” skin care

· FTC Action Puts Deceptive Marketer Out of the Debt Relief Business

· Federal Trade Commission Act Section 5: Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices

Exploitive/Dangerous to Children & Vulnerable Populations

· Exploitative Advertising Campaigns are Targeting our Children

· Monster drinks: Are the energy drinks marketed to children?

· E-Cigarette Ads Target Millions of Kids, CDC Says

· Study eyes candy-flavored e-cigarette ads targeted to kids

Stealth Advertising/Conflicts of Interest/Biased Reviewers

· Astroturfing: Government shills are flooding the web

· The Never-Ending War on Fake Reviews

· The Real Problem with Mommy Bloggers

Theme 2:  Ethical Issues Related to Brand Protection

Controversial Ingredients and Testing of Ingredients

· Controversial caffeinated products

· 5 Lessons Learned From Mattel’s Lead Paint Crisis

· Doing Well By Doing Good

· Choking Hazards: Are Current Product Testing Methods for Small Parts Adequate?

· Animal Antibiotics

Assembly & Manufacturing Problems

· An Empirical Examination of a Multinational Ethical Dilemma: The Issue of Child Labor

· Ethical diamonds: What Conscientious Consumers Need to Know

· Conflict Minerals and Firms’ Ignorance Over Their Supply Chains

Consumer Privacy

· Tim Cook to talk consumer privacy and data ethics at European data protection conference later this month


· Uber’s Surge Pricing: Is it Ethical?

Theme 3:  Ethical Issues Related to Food & Drink Production


· At sentencing, cantaloupe growers apologize for deadly listeria outbreak

· For first time, company owner faces life sentence for food poisoning outbreak

· Business Ethics Alive: Blue Bell vs Peanut Corporation of America

· 2.5 million pounds of taquitos recalled for salmonella, listeria concerns

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