Sociology Question

You will submit a 3-page book review of Deutsch and Gaunt’s Creating Equality at HomeLinks to an external site.. This review provides opportunity to critically assess the authors’ research and assess its implications for public policy.

Your book review should include the following elements:

1. Bibliographic information about the book and 2 sentences max on about the authors (e.g. they are professor somewhere and have written on what topics). Use APA or other full citation format for the book and do a google search of the author to find their current position and look at a curriculum vitae (CV)/ resume for information about their other research and scholarship). 1 point

2. Brief overview of the methods and types of data drawn on in the book. 1 point

3. A summary of the book’s contents in which you highlight at least three of the main theoretical or conceptual points the authors are making (e.g. not three stories, but the implications of those stories for broader patterns or ideas about equality at home). 3 points

4. Your assessment and appraisal of the book’s merits and shortcomings — how it compares with other research you’ve read on similar subjects, whether its conclusions flow from the analysis, and whether there is anything new or different in them.

NOTE: Students in Soc 512 must include a reference to the Week 7 reading on fatherhood research that is required of Soc 512 and optional for students in Soc 412. 4 points

5. Your assessment of how the findings / argument might be useful in shaping public policy on work and family. 1 point

Note: Your review should minimize jargon and technical language. It should not: (a) repeat the table of contents chapter by chapter or section by section; or go to great lengths to find something “bad” or “good” about the book or something that “should have been included”.

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