answer the following questions using book provided only Psychology account_circle

book that can be used:

Children′s Thinking Cognitive Development and Individual Differences by David F. Bjorklund; Kayla B. Causey

1.) What are the methodologies used to assess infant perception? Have you heard about infant sucking? They do it in really interesting ways in response to stimuli in their environments! How does infant sucking provide insight into early infant perception? Describe, in contrast, what the visual preference paradigm is. How is it the same or different than the sucking paradigm? Finally, describe the Habituation/Dishabituation paradigm. How is this different from the preference paradigm

2.) What do we know about visual perception in infancy? Describe the development of visual acuity in infants. What are some considerations regarding accommodation, convergence and coordination? What about the development of color vision? Describe the physical characteristics of stimuli that are important for infant visual processing and preference. Finally, describe the development of face processing.

3.) What is meant by Perceptual Narrowing? Provide a general definition for this concept and then describe the process of perceptual narrowing for face and speech perception. Explain how this is related to plasticity and what value narrowing could have for proficiency. Why do scientists think of perceptual narrowing as an evolved social-cognitive mechanism?

4.) What is meant by the concept of Core Knowledge? Describe the violation of expectation method and how this can be applied to study infant’s earliest knowledge about the world. What are the three proposed core knowledge systems and what do they entail? What are the arguments against core knowledge (hint: this is in a different section of the chapter).

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