Basic simulatorBasic simulator


1. In your own words, explain your design in the form of abstract (~200 words) and algorithm.

2. Using a tool of your choice (e.g. Java, Python, MS Excel, JavaScript, HTML etc.) develop a basic simulator for hash puzzles that perform the mining operation for blockchain. Pls

attach your code as and when necessary.

3. Simple instructions to operate your group’s simulator. [It is extremely important that I should be able to execute on my machine.]

4. Screenshots showing valid outputs. Also, include necessary test cases. This should demonstrate satisfactory functioning of this new tool that you have built.

5. Reference articles or videos (at least 2-3 relevant, could be more) that helped your design and implementation.

6. List out 3-5 main challenges that your group faced in designing this simulator and how did you manage to overcome it.

7. List of contributions – which group member did what for the preparation of the assignment.

Requirements: 200 words | .doc file

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