Financial management


Part 1


1 What are the differences between bottom-up and top-down approaches to security valuation? What are the advantages of a top-down approach? (150-200 Words)

Q-1. Explain the major categories of financial information that are available to investors and discuss the major products that the investment advisory services provide. Highlight the key role of the Internet in investment research. ( Words limit – 300 to 500 )

Q-2. Discuss the differences between organized exchanges and over-the-counter markets. What is the impact of electronic markets on the efficiency of the markets? ( Words limit – 250 to 400 )

Q-3. Describe the various economic structures of industries and explain the effect that government regulation can have on an industry. Discuss the concept of rotational investing in which the investor shifts emphasis among industries during various phases of the business cycle. ( Words limit – 250 to 400 )

Part 2

Real estate Finance

1- What is Title Assurance? Explain its components and types.

2- Explain the different components of Mortgage Instrument and distinguish it with promissory notes.

3- Calculate the present value of 3000 that you are supposed to receive in the end of 5th year from today, if the interest rate is 5% compounding annually.

Part 3

bank management

1. What is the Glass-Steagall Act, and why was it important in banking history?

2. Why do Banks and other financial intermediaries exist in modern society, according to the theory of finance?

3. Riyadh Bank are considering filing an application with the state banking commission to charter a new bank. Due to a lack of current banking facilities within a 10-mile radius of the community, the organizing group estimates that the initial banking facility would cost about $3.3 million to build along with another $500,000 in other organizing expenses and would last for about 25 years. Total revenues are projected to be $400,000 the first year, while total operating expenses are projected to reach $160,000 in year 1. Revenues are expected to increase 4 percent annually after the first year, while expenses will grow an estimated 2 percent annually after year 1. If the organizers require a minimum of a 10 percent annual rate of return on their investment of capital in the proposed new bank, are they likely to proceed with their charter application given the above estimates?

Input Area:
Initial cost of banking facility $3,300,000.00
Initial other organizing expenses $500,000.00
Year 1 revenue $400,000.00
Year 1 operating expense $160,000.00
Annual growth rate in revenues 4.00%
Annual growth rate in expenses 2.00%
Required annual rate of return 10.00%

4.National Bank of Saudi Arabia is considering installing two ATMs in its Riyadh branch. The new machines are expected to cost $37,000 apiece. Installation costs will amount to about $15,000 per machine. Each machine has a projected useful life of 10 years. Due to rapid growth in the Riyadh, these two machines are expected to handle 50,000 cash transactions per year. On average, each cash transaction is expected to save 30 cents in teller expenses. If First National has a 10 percent cost of capital, should the bank proceed with this investment project?

reference is required

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