manage human resources strategic planning | advance diploma

ipastedGraphic.pngTask 1: Knowledge Questions


Question 1

Read the document “7 HR best practices” provided on Canvas under additional information. What roles Human Resources can play in the formulation and implementation of an organisation’s strategic plan?



Question 2

If Bounce Fitness decided that in order to be effective it must develop high performing self-managed teams. Name common human resources practices that could be adopted to support this direction.



Question 3

Read through The Fitness Australia business Principles and Guidelines and the National Fitness industry code of practice, provided on Canvas under additional information. 

List the types of emerging practices or environmental trends that could impact on Bounce fitness staff.



Question 4

  1. What types of information would Bounce Fitness needs to consider when predicting future labour needs?
  2. Describe strategies that could be used to agree on human resource philosophies, values and policies with Bounce Fitness Managers
  3. List options for sourcing Bounce Fitness labour supply and skill requirements.



Question 5

Describe the benefits and disadvantages of using one of the following options for the provision of human resource services.

  1. External provision by a consultant or contractor or
  2. Outsourcing the work to an external service provider or
  3. Allocating the work to existing staff

Benefits Disadvantages

External provision by a consultant or contractor 

Outsourcing the work to an external service provider 

Allocating the work to existing staff 



Question 6

  1. How could new technology be used to support human resource plans for Bounce fitness? 
  2. Give examples of risks that need to be managed in relation to a strategic human resources plan.


A) The use of technology provides a positive impact in the Bounce Fitness and enhances a high productivity. The entire operations could be carried out easily using the advanced technology with the help of dedicated staff members. The entire working among the newly recruited members could be understandable and the completion of the activity becomes very less. The use of technology reduces the workforce in the Bounce Fitness and makes a better mode of practices in the working. The chance of error becomes less from the use of technology and enhances a better skill.


Question 7

Refer to the “Annual Strategic Human Resources Plan documents for Bounce Fitness” provided on Canvas under additional information. Name its key elements and requirements. 


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