Matlab exercise


Consider a model airplane that has a rectangular wing with a span of 3.0 m, a chord length of 0.5m, (and
therefore a total area of 1.5m2). Suppose it is to have a maximum mass of 10.0 kg. Assume standard sea
level conditions in all of the following.
a) What is the Reynolds number for this wing assuming flight speeds of 10m/s and 20 m/s?
b) Special airfoils are needed to operate effectively at low Reynold’s numbers. Using, find two airfoils in the “Selig” family, that might be suitable for use in low
Reynold’s number applications, one with low camber and one with high camber.
 Download the coordinates of each of these airfoils, and then import these coordinates into
Matlab. Use Matlab to plot each of the airfoil shapes on a single set of axes (i.e. both shapes
should be superimposed atop each other). Use a legend to identify the designations of each
airfoil on the plot. Be sure to use the “axis equal” command in Matlab so that the plot is a
scale drawing of the airfoils, scaled equally in the horizontal and vertical directions.
In your write-up, include information on the maximum thickness, maximum camber, and location of
maximum camber for each airfoil.

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