Abuse of power and obesity


Review this list of the most powerful female leaders (as identified by Forbes in 2018). Identify at least three traits that many of the female leaders have in common. Explain why those traits are key in female leadership.



Part 1:  Reflect on your own childhood in terms of eating and physical activity.  Consider the following questions in your discussion:  Do children today eat any differently than you did when you were a child?  How did your eating habits as a kid affect how you eat today?  What type of physical activity did you do as a child?  How did your eating and exercise habits affect your weight as a child and your weight today?

Part 2:  Visit your local grocery store or restaurant.  Take note of the foods that are marketed to kids.  Consider the following questions in your initial discussion post: How are foods marketed to kids?  What types of foods did you encounter that were marketed to kids?  What is the nutritional value of these foods (did they have sugar, fat)?  If a child ate these foods on a regular basis, what impact would this have on his/her weight?  How do various aspects of obesity that we have discussed in previous weeks play a role in children’s food preferences and, consequently, food marketed to children?

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