Discussion and two responses

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The latest issue of a local business newspaper names 10 area executives who have exhibited excellent leadership skills in the past year. You are currently searching for a job, and a friend suggests that you write each executive a congratulatory letter and mention in passing that you are looking for new career opportunities and would appreciate the opportunity for an interview. Is this a smart strategy? Why or why not?

Two responses:

1. This is a smart strategy because it creates connections to those of higher positions and in time will give your name a reputation. Being able to step out of your comfort zone and approach this type of matter will show determination and resilience to these executives. It leaves a good impression and also makes them more interested in you since you went the extra mile to introduce yourself and open yourself up to the positions and opportunities. From the executives point of view, someone who is applying and finding ways to connect with the career opportunity compared to someone who is just interested and just applying, will most likely get the job opportunity because it shows the dedication and motivation of that person and the lengths they are going to achieve this milestone. Even if the opportunity isn’t available, just connecting with those executives and creating a name for yourself will set you higher than most people. Eventually once you start making those connections you may be referred to even more executives and find yourself a better opportunity.

2. Hello class! I believe that networking is very important when it comes to employment. Sending out multiple letters to get a job has many more benefits rather than just sending out one. For one, you are putting yourself out there and it shows that your hardworking and are willing to put in the work. For a example, the website, Linkd In helps it’s users distribute their resume to multiple employers at once. Sending multiple letters asking for an interview also gives the person a better chance at securing a job. Having more than one option can also show to companies that you are interested in multiple things when it comes to career choices. Overall, I believe that writing a congratulatory letter can be beneficial in multiple parts.

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