Discussion Families

In this
Discussion you will be commenting on the topic of Families with Young
Children Balancing Work and Family (Week 5 and Week 6 modules). 1)
ORIGINAL posting: Min. 700 words (feel free to write more, MUST include word count at the end of your original posting). Due: no later than 11:59 pm on 2/24 (don’t wait until the last moment; start submissions a week prior). Review Lectures and catch up with Readings in Weeks 5 & 6. Think about these questions: What do you see as the main challenges for families transitioning to parenthood and families with young children? What information in the articles and lectures on post-partum changes was new/surprising to you and why? Do you think current U.S. family policies are meeting the needs of parents? How does it impact your plans for balancing work and family? Do you feel prepared to have children? What do you think are the challenges for human service professionals working with families with young children? Compose your posting critically discussing some of the above questions (you don’t have to answer them all). In your posting, be sure to: Make connections and comments on the information: in the lectures (Transition to Parenthood and Families w/Preschoolers) AND at least two articles of your choice (one article from Module 5 and one article from Module 6). Show your learning: provide well-developed comment that demonstrate you have done the readings and thought about new information. Do NOT summarize what you’ve read. Assume your readers (me/your classmates) have read the text, so you don’t need to recap. Instead of summarizing the text, analyze, make connections, integrate information. Briefly mention the title of the articles/ reports you
are commenting on, but do not list full title, author. Simply identify
the article/ report (e.g., In the article “Cost of Child…,” I was surprised by… or According to a report “Policy…”, half of U.S.
parents are…). Remember to follow the Formatting Requirements: use paragraphs and bullets to organize your writing; use a different color for your text as appropriate to visually emphasize a quote/statistics/ fact/ statement and your comments on the Lecture(s)/ Article(s). I am not asking for all colors of the rainbow; pick one color and stick with it.

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