Gatt vs wto | Environmental science homework help


Purpose: With the completion of this assignment, you will

1. Understand the role of GATT and WTO in global business and global trade

2. Broaden your vision of how trade berries affect global business


1. Brief introduction 

a. What is GATT? 

b. What is WTO? 

c. What are their objectives?

d. What is the relationship between the two? How are they differ or similar to each other? 

*Above is just a list of reference for you to think about. You may go beyond the above list and add your way of introduction. Remember, be informative and insightful. 

2. What is the impact of GATT and WTO?  

Using one real business/or nation as an example, you discuss the impact of GATT and/or WTO. 

You must demonstrate your: 

a. Strategic thinking skills (How is this business/national market affected by GATT or WTO? )

b. Analytical skills (Using statistics, charts, facts….etc to support your view points.)

Submission format: 

1. ppt slides

2. Informative and visual

3. Make a thought provoking/creative/interesting title of your file name.

4. Due date as shown on iLearn. 

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