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[9:42 AM, 3/9/2022] Kimmik: Directions: students will choose one individual discussed in chapter 7 and research and write a biography of that individual.


1. Individual must be referenced in chapter 7 of the textbook which covers the years 1775-1788; they do not need to be an American citizen, but it should be obvious that they impacted American history.

2. The length of the biography is a minimum of 250 words and the maximum is 400 words; please provide a word count at the top of the page. A title and visual is optional, but both will enhance the biography.

3. You need to cite the textbook and need at least one outside source of information; please use APA citation. If you quote a source you need to include an endnote above the source citations.

4. You may use Wikipedia, although you should give yourself sufficient time to read your sources and you might want to consider narrowing your focus on the individual’s specific impact on U.S. History. For example, see American Portrait on page 190 and Abigail Adams and the Wartime Economy. This is a good example of providing a biography, but also focuses in on a pivotal moment in her life’s story.

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