300 words part 2


In gender diversity there exists something that can be referred to as a “Pink Tax”. Specifically, this refers to the price discrimination of products marketed to women versus products marketed to men. However, this concept may be able to be expanded to include the subtle price women pay in unseen ways for being women. An example of this is pockets. Whether it be pants, shorts, or swimsuits men’s clothing tends to have pockets, usually deep ones, where items can be safely carried on their person. Women’s clothing, however, tends to have no pockets, or pockets that are so shallow they are virtually useless.

For this week’s assignment, in an APA style essay, please examine other areas of life where this type of subtle discrimination may exist. What are some factors that contribute to the continuation of this type of discrimination? How might society address these unconscious types of discrimination?

Submit your assignment here by clicking the title, Week 2 Assignment above. Please have your Assignment completed before the close of the week on Sunday.

Grading Rubric for Weekly Assignment

Assignment Point Value Total
Adequately covers the topic – Writing is within the required minimum word count (300 words) 40 points
Organization-Uses correct APA format in paper as well as with citations and references 20 points
Spelling/Grammar/ Posts Word count 20 points
Uses 2 good scholarly resources
One may be your text
20 points
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