Entrepreneurship Question


The Prompt:

The decision to become a founder should not be taken lightly. Founding can be a stress on every relationship in your life, especially for personal and professional relationships.

For this assignment, you will create a narrative of one such dilemma you face as a founder, and how you intend to handle it using frameworks and case details from class.

Theme to include:

  1. When is the right Time to found (get a job or start my own business right after school) I am leaning more towards getting a job first and accumulating enough knowledge and resources.
    1. If I don’t become an entrepreneur now, will I regret it?
    2. Am I really a thinker or a doer?
    3. Am I passionate enough to be an entrepreneur?
    4. Am I creative enough to be an entrepreneur?
    5. How do I know the right opportunity when it comes along?
  2. Part-time or full time
  3. Solo found or partner? (more toward partner)
    1. Choosing the right partner( role, responsibility, risks)
    2. Properly incentivized partners and employees.
    3. Equity Split
    4. Drafting Founders’ Agreement

Choosing the right segment and market

Family business?

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