growing cities

please respond in one paragraph to this discussion post below in 1-2 paragraphs:

During the era of industrial expansion, cities would become a city where their would a lot of factories which produces, iron, steel, lumber, clothing, railroad cars and many other products. However, with the workers wanting homes to raise their families, buildings were built to provide homes for these families as many workers would work in the factory to produce the product to then be exported to be sold at a market price. Since cities turn to industrialization, many cities would build too many facotories that their are many open jobs. As such, this worked out well for immigration because at the time, immigration to the U.S was lenient so, at different times, their were a flow of immigrants coming into the U.S to not only occupy these jobs but to also make money to give back to their families in their home country. As such, many cities would be overrun by a diverse group of people. However, since their are more immigrants living in the city and their are more factories than housing, “tenements” were built to hold many families into 1 apartment or housing which causes many issues for the city. One being health issues like diseases, and a potential chance of fire which can destroy the whole city. According to “The New Urban Sociology” by Mark Gottdiener, Randolph Hohle, and Colby King it states “On October 18,1871, for example, the city of Chicago was almost destroyed by a single fire.” On the other hand, as time passes, new technology were invented to better support the city. For example, new building methods were invented to stabilze buildings to create more room to grow.

During the era of monopoly capitalism, the city was slowing down alot. The reason being is because a series of events cause the city development to slow down. From the 1900s-1920s, the Great Depression cause a change to the stock market where people lost a lot of money, Then the 1930s, the government was providing economic aid to recover the economic activities and continue the urban growth. Soon in the 1940s, another war had began which reduces the urban growth.As the buildings growth was reduce, the auto industry starts to rise around the 1920s. Since the rise of the auto industry, many cities would then produce automobiles controled by the Big Four coporations. With an increase of automobiles factores, many owners, mangers and workers were forced to live one location to create space for these factores.These large corporations would set up headquarters in some states to then create branches in other cities to occupy the new urban space, but this would have a sociospatial effect on local communites. Another way that monopoly capitalism affect the cities is by determing what should these cities concentrate on. In other words, some cities would be more concentrated on economically diversity, other cities can concentrate on manfacturing and corporations and others can concentrate on financial activities and commerce.

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