Integrating Family Intervention Theories and Models


First view the following video entitled – (2 hours in length,, interactive transcription). You will want to make notes as these will be helpful to writing your paper.

Be sure to cite your sources in the paper using APA style by drawing from the content guides, text chapters, videos from Modules 2, 3 and 4, and external sources.

In your paper be sure to address all steps listed:

  1. Identify and discuss at least 3 ( up to 5) models you believe would be most useful for you to learn and use. Explain why these models fit best with your own style?
  2. Discuss how you would go about learning these chosen models in adequate depth, and integrate different models effectively?
  3. From each of your chosen models, identify the specific methods of intervention would you be most likely to use?
  4. How would you avoid simply learning a bunch of techniques while lacking in deep understanding for how and when to use the intervention methods? How would you ensure you had a sound understanding of the theory/principles of each model and the interventions?
  5. Select 3 or more diverse families considering differences such as nationality, religion, socio-economic status, culture, ethnicity, race, gender, blended families, etc. Then discuss how these models might be effective?
  6. Which of the 8 models explored in the course might not be as effective with these diverse families? Explain your reasoning using the text and external sources.
  7. Summarize your main points and be sure to list references in APA style.
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