Week one – WRTG 393

Change the subject line for all POSTINGS to include your first name followed by the SPECIFIC TOPIC of your posting. For responses to classmates, ALWAYS change the subject line to indicate reply to and the classmate’s first name.

Discussion participation due dates

  • By Thursday, make your initial discussion board posting
  • By Saturday, make one response to a classmate’s posting. NOTE: make a response to a posting that does not yet have a response. DO NOT make a second response to a posting that already has one response.
  • By Sunday, answer professor’s questions re: your posting
  • By Monday, return to your discussion and reply to classmates who responded to your posting

Your first writing assignment will be to write three personas. This discussion topic is designed to help you become familiar with what a persona is and what its role is in technical writing.

Please access the following url and listen to the podcast, “Dr. Kirk St. Amant and Dr. Guiseppe Getto on User Personas and Intercultural Communication.”

10-Minute Tech Comm – Dr. Kirk St. Amant and Dr. Guiseppe Getto on User Personas and Intercultural Communication on Stitcher

Please answer the following questions. Your answers can be a 2-3 sentences per question. DO NOT COPY QUESTIONS but DO NUMBER the answers.

  1. What is a persona? What do personas represent? Using proper APA citation format, cite the source for your information. DO NOT copy from the source — write in your own words and then cite where you learned that information
  2. How does a writer make a persona that is accurate, useful, and representative and that does not simply stereotype a population? cite the source
  3. What is the difference between audience and persona? cite the source
  4. Why is user behavior important for personas? cite the source
    Use the writing/APA handout to review proper APA format for citations and references. Also proofread carefully for FORMAL language using the writing tips in the handout. Remember NO first person POV, vague language, inappropriate pronouns (it, they, them etc).

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